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Period Panties Should Be A Thing
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When I first saw Kotex’s period panties on sale at Watson’s, my immediate thought was, “Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?”

As someone who has struggled with heavy flows (especially on Days 1 & 2), this nifty invention could’ve saved me loads of trouble regarding changing bedsheets and countless underwear. But at S$7 for 2 pieces, it was really not a cheap option. Then I saw this on Qoo10:

Similar to Kotex, this Korean brand has come up with a thinner version and it’s a lot more economical at $8.90 for a pack of 4 pieces. However, the vendor on Qoo10 only brings in the S and M sizes. Thus, plus sized ladies with PCOS or endometriosis who really will find this a lifesaver will not be able to enjoy the Korean verson.

Some of you may even say that those super long night sanitary pads should suffice. Uh…not really. Even those that claim to prevent side leakages and will move along with you while you toss and turn. Nope. I used those before and when your flow is really heavy, sometimes it leaks at the back as well as sides. Which is why nothing else besides a diaper (or period panties in this case) works really well.

How do the 2 compare?

Since I’ve tried both brands, I’m gonna review both side by side so that you get a better comparison before you decide which one to try. Regardless, I do highly recommend getting this for your night wear on the first 2 days of your period so that you can sleep worry-free!

KotexSecret Day
PriceS$7 for a box of 2 if you buy from retail
S$3.50 if you buy online
S$18.90 for 8 pieces;
only available online

Definitely more economical than Kotex
ComfortA bit thick and makes you feel as if you’re wearing adult diapers. Otherwise, very snug and comfortable.

Love how the actual area to absorb the blood is really long.
Feels almost like a normal pair of disposable panties with an extra absorbent layer. That absorbent area is not as long as Kotex’s.

Suspect that it contains less cotton because skin started to itch a little after 2 nights.
AbsorbencyVery absorbent. No need to worry whatsoever about spillage.Does the job well.


Which to get? Hmm…if you really just want to try it to see whether it suits your needs, get a box of Kotex. Then if you are convinced that you want to use this in the long run, then perhaps the Korean Secret Day solution is more economical.

Regardless of your choice, period panties ought to be a thing and I hope that it’s here to stay and at a cheaper rate!!

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