My 2019 Birthday Wishlist

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My 2019 Birthday Wishlist
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It’s October and my birthday month! As usual, I come up with a wish list annually and this year, the items are mainly things that I’d like/need for my new flat. Yes, Melissa is now a homeowner. 😀

  1. Pink bowls from IKEA (set of 6)
  2. Hotpot set (induction one and not the gas burner type please)
  3. White or pink ceramic spoons (the type that we Chinese like to use, set of 6)
  4. Ladles for hotpot (those with sieves and those for soup, set of 6)
  5. Knife holder (I’ve got knives but no holder…lol)
  6. Teapot set
  7. Aroma diffuser (muji style…there are these chiong ones on Taobao and Qoo10)
  8. Bathroom mats (2 will do)
  9. Small rice cooker
  10. Wine decanter
  11. Dish rack (for putting dishes after wash)
  12. Queen sized duvet
  13. Step ladder
  14. Microphone stand
  15. Ring light (not the small ones that you attach to your phones)
  16. Ironing board
  17. Iron
  18. Queen and single sized mattress topper
  19. Pink wool big knit throw
  20. Colour printer that can print double side and is economical on the ink
  21. Mini coffee side table (wooden with gold frame)
  22. Large furry cushions + cushion covers (2 white ones)
  23. Umbrella holder
  24. Lots of 3M wall hooks

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it! Do let me know if you want to chope any items so that I can cross it off the list. If you’d prefer to give me help in terms of manual labour…hurhur…I do need someone who can help me hammer nails to walls for my artwork. And I accept booze. Lots of booze (except beer).

October is really going to be a busy month for me but also very exciting to move into my own place!

Update as of 14 Oct:
Thanks Cubey for the aroma diffuser!!

Update as of 18 Dec:
Thanks Kewei for the hotpot set!

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