Little Acts Multiplied by Millions Build a City of Good

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Little Acts Multiplied by Millions Build a City of Good
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From 1 to 7 December 2019, the national giving movement Giving Week returns for its fifth annual edition with carnivals, exclusive promotions and activities set to take place across the island. Initiated by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Giving Week aspires to celebrate Singapore’s caring spirit and encourage brands, non-profits organisations (NPOs) and people to share their Time, Treasure, Talent and Voice to support a wide variety of causes. 

Building on NVPC’s recently shared vision for a City of Good where individuals, organisations and leaders come together to give their best for others, Giving Week rallies Singaporeans by offering a diverse range of opportunities to embrace and practise giving in all forms, and aims to amplify these acts of giving through The Good HubsThe Good Life, and #TheGivingWeekChallenge.

The Good Hubs

Free to members of the public, The Good Hubs are an amalgamation of NPOs, social enterprises and businesses coming together to advocate a cause through carnivals, donation or collection drives, as well as platforms for their beneficiaries to showcase their abilities and sell their merchandise. Dotting the island across various locations, you can show your support by heading down to any of The Good Hubs at Marina One, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, The Fullerton Hotel, and the Volvo showroom. It’s the best way to see and be part of these communities in action as they go about their giving journeys!

The Good Life

This year, Giving Week is delighted to have the support of over 70 lifestyle, retail and F&B brands, including Carousell, Courts, d’Good Café, FairPrice On, Shopee, The Grand Hyatt, Volvo and more as part of The Good Life. By incorporating a giving element to their products and services through exclusive Giving Week promotions, not only does the public get to enjoy these special offers, everyone can contribute towards the proceeds that will go to selected charities or causes over the Giving Week period and beyond.


In this age of digital virality, #TheGivingWeekChallenge is one giving bug we hope to spread. Driven by social media, individuals and organisations can take up the week-long challenge and even create their own to share their giving efforts and spur others to pay it forward. Simply post and tag your act of giving with the hashtag #TheGivingWeekChallenge, and you might find your little act multiplied through the Giving Week social media channels.

The impact of Giving Week is made even stronger by the positive relationships we have with other like-minded partners who can help boost the movement. Some notable ones this year include:

LiHO buy-one-get-one free promotion

Only on 5 December, download the SG Cares app and flash it at any LiHO outlet to enjoy a buy-one-get-one free promotion with any drink purchase[1]. A personalised mobile platform that makes it faster and easier to search for donation and volunteering opportunities based on proximity or interests, the SG Cares app places opportunities for everyone to give right in the palm of your hand.

Dream Academy’s cast of Crazy Christmas 

Dream Academy is also a proud partner of Giving Week and the cast of Crazy Christmas – Crazy Grinch Asians will be helping to spread the good word throughout the season.

Melissa Kwee, CEO, NVPC, is optimistic that the ground up nature of giving is emerging in the Giving Week 2019. “In this Bicentennial year, we observe more Singaporeans demonstrating that spirit of embracing the other and showing how we can thrive together. We are starting to see more ground up initiatives and collaborations for community emerging in this year’s Giving Week and I hope the trend grows.”

You can also play a part by giving your Treasure when you support these featured campaigns on

For more information on Giving Week 2019, visit:

Instagram: @GivingWeekSG
Hashtag: #GivingWeekSG

About Giving Week 2019

NVPC is catalysing Giving Week for the fifth consecutive year, from 1 to 7 December 2019. Giving Week is a national movement that celebrates the spirit of giving – where individuals, leaders, businesses and non-profit organisations give and share their time, talent, treasure and voice to support any cause they are passionate about, in all ways big and small, to help us become a City of Good. NVPC first joined the global movement as #GivingTuesdaySG in 2013 (the second year after the inauguration in 2012), making Singapore the first Asian country to be involved, and the only country globally to extend it into a week-long national movement.

As the movement grows, NVPC hopes that Giving gets embedded in our DNA and becomes part of our culture. It becomes our way of life, that we are inspired to give, even without being reminded to.  

We also invite you to join us in building a #CityofGood together. Visit us at

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