Going au naturel with soul good project

Going au naturel with soul good project
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Homegrown personal care brand Soul Good Project launches its first range of natural deodorants and sleep mist, which are made with plant-based ingredients that are free from paraben, aluminium and baking soda. The founder of Soul Good Project battles with eczema and is also gluten and lactose intolerant, which is why she embarked on a project to offer alternatives for those who share similar skin and health concerns. And yours truly got to try them out!

Dedicated to making healthy and natural products available to customers, Soul Good Project also believes in the power of self-love and self-care, and all the natural deodorants are handcrafted with love and formulated with naturally sourced ingredients from magnesium to 100% pure essential oils and plant-based ingredients that keeps one smelling good and fresh all day. Moreover, the brand is committed to reducing the environmental footprint by packaging the formula in amber glass bottles.


The brand’s formula does not include baking soda, an ingredient that cause irritation to sensitive skin. The deodorants are enriched with magnesium, known as a “mighty mineral” and natural compound that is essential to the body which neutralises odour-causing bacteria and gentle to the skin as well.

The deodorants come in both balm and spray version, and in 3 different scents:

Himalayan Wilderness: A woody and citrus scent with notes of cedar, bergamot, sweet orange and lemon that exudes an exotic trail of the wilderness. This special blend energises your skin, enhances concentration and clears the mind. 

Spanish Garden: A fruity and floral blend of bergamot, sweet orange, lavender and rose that evokes a walk in a garden nurtured with love in every bloom. Rose petals have antiseptic properties and also help lock moisture in the skin, keeping the skin fresh and hydrated. This special blend reduces stress, heals the soul and helps to set a romantic mood. 

Mandarin Spring: An oriental blend of mandarin, rosemary and cedar atlas that smells as sweet as it is refreshing to instantly perk up any dull day. Mandarin oranges and sandalwood have natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, whereas rosemary leaves a fresh, herbaceous aroma that rejuvenates the senses. 

I tried out the Himalayan Wilderness balm deodorant for a week and initially, the smell of the balm was very pleasant and wasn’t too strong. I was not used to using a balm version of deodorant because I’ve been using either spray or roll-ons. Therefore, it felt a bit weird to apply a balm on my armpits at first. However, I think I’ve been converted to the balm side as my armpits did not feel irritated or itchy after perspiring, and in fact, I felt fresh and my skin was moisturised. The only downside, which is really minimal, is washing off the wax (yes, they use natural candelilla wax) on my fingers after each application. On a longer term basis, Soul Good Project’s deodorants may be more sustainable for the environment and better for one’s skin too.

The natural deodorant sprays are available for purchase online at S$26.90 (50ML) each while the range of balm is available at S$25.90 (50G) each. 

sleep mist

I’ve got an insomnia problem and I’m always finding ways to sleep better. Hence, I was super excited when I saw the bottle of Dream Haven Sleep Mist (S$24.90)! Containing a combination of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and bergamot, it helps to promote a sense of relaxation and preparing oneself for a good night’s sleep.

As per instructions, I sprayed it onto my pillow as well as in the air around my bed. I love the smell! Because it is a blend, I found it a lot more calming than pure lavender, which is the usual essential oil used in all my other calming products. While my insomnia isn’t cured, the sleep mist definitely made me feel happier and more relaxed as I lay my head down in bed.

hand sanitizer

In my care package was also a bottle of hand sanitiser, which contains essential oils that are known to have anti-bacterial properties. Like the other products, the hand sanitiser smelled amazing and I later realised that it also works as a natural insect repellent!

Where to get soul good project

While Soul Good Project is starting first with their personal care range, they aim to provide a wide range of choices from skin care, food products and more! You can purchase their products via their website www.soulgoodproject.com.

Images: Soul Good Project and Melissa Fann

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