My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist
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It’s that time of the year where I make my birthday wishlist! It seems like it gets shorter and shorter every year, with a lot of repeats. I guess as I age, I’m starting to be more retrospective as well as am trying to be filled with more gratitude than be goal-driven.

Nonetheless, I do create a wishlist annually so that it helps friends pick a gift for me (haha) and also to give me some goals since I realise that my working style is such that I do like to work on projects in order to feel a bit more fulfilled and they also distract me from the niggling mentality of comparing myself to some of my peers.

What the 37 year-old Mel wants:

  • A tall palm-like plant to place in my living room
  • A unicorn cake
  • Sponsorship of my Kerastase hair tonic (1 box)
  • A job that pays me 25% more while still allowing me to work from home
  • 1 Queen-sized Tencel Modal duvet cover set
  • A puppy
  • Changing my corridor windows to sliding ones that have a vacuum between the glass so that I can drown out as much sound as possible
  • A bottle (or two) of Chianti red
  • A noa sofa
  • 1 Queen-sized noa Tencel mattress protector
  • A new Manduka yoga mat
  • A token into my new Squirrel Save investment account
  • Donation to get Final Cut Pro for editing videos (oh Adobe Premiere…how I loathe thee)
  • Let’s go on a holiday together somewhere that has winter in Dec 2021!

As you can see, “A unicorn cake” has been striked out because my bro has said that he’ll get one for me…YAY! 😀


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