What Problems Does Gen Z Have? An Educator’s POV

What Problems Does Gen Z Have? An Educator’s POV
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I believe that with every generation, there are different issues that the generation faces due to societal changes as well as technology. Why technology? With the advent of the Internet followed by social media, the way each generation interacts with their fellow human beings also change.

Rather than bash the younger generation, I’d prefer to find out what problems they have as this allows us (in the older generation) to perhaps, have some empathy or sympathy. It is also by knowing Gen Z better, that we are able to better harness the good of them while being able to work out the problems.

In this new series under Melissa’s Table Top Talk, I’m starting off by interviewing Jonathan Sim who is a lecturer in a local university to find out from an educator’s point of view. Needless to say, I’d definitely like to hear from Gen Z themselves. So, if you’re a Gen Z, feel free to drop me an email and we can do an episode of Melissa’s Table Top Talk with you!

What was interesting throughout this interview was how Jonathan mentioned that there is a lot of fear an anxiety amongst Gen Z while I thought that it was a sense of being lost. However, feeling lost or not really knowing what we want to do, may not be a generation-specific problem!

If you’re a Gen Z reading this, Jonathan did give some good advice on how to lessen your fear and anxiety – understand that you’re doing ok and that it’s ok to make mistakes. All of us make mistakes. Just learn from them and don’t waste any opportunities just because of fear. Don’t let fear hold you back!

Disclaimer: Please note that opinions discussed in the videos are only of those in the video and does not represent any institution or other individuals.

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