Review – SPARKS Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant

Review – SPARKS Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant
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Do you have sensitive skin? Prone to eczema (like me) or other skin conditions? Then you probably wouldn’t be using a lot of the commercial hand sanitisers and disinfectants out there because they either have alcohol or they merely contain a cocktail of essential oils which kill bacteria but not viruses (which COVID is), and essential oils may also trigger skin sensitivity.

I was introduced to SPARKS a couple of weeks back and I’m loving their products! Let me tell you why.

SPARKS Hand sanitiser

I believe that I should be drinking more alcohol than my hands are. Haha. Jokes aside, this is quite a serious issue for people with sensitive skin. The alcohol in most hand sanitisers dries out the skin and because of that, it has been triggering a bit of eczema for me and even my dad. One of my friends developed eczema after prolonged use of alcoholic hand sanitisers plus other disinfectants.

SPARKS’ Hand Sanitiser does not contain any alcohol but it still kills off 99.99% of germs* (bacteria, viruses and microorganisms) with its blend of Benzalkonium Chloride, deionised water, fragrance and other proprietary ingredients.

I’m super impressed at how fast it dries and it does not leave any sticky residue – just a gentle floral fragrance. And because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it can be used daily!

SPARKS Disinfectant

Those who know me will know that I’ve been cleaning things at home (and in the office) with anti-bacterial wipes and disinfectants waaayy before this pandemic. But thanks to my sensitive skin, I can’t use many types of disinfectants in my laundry or mopping detergent because they would trigger my eczema. While I also like to joke that bleach is my best friend (when it comes to cleaning), it is not possible to use bleach everywhere and it tends to leave a sticky residue on the floor when I mop with it.

Ever since I got my hands on SPARKS disinfectant, I’ve been spraying it to clean my tables, shelves and even the top of my kitchen hob. One thing that I really like about it is that besides its ability to kill germs, it helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew too! I tested this by spraying it on my shower curtain and I saw the mould visibly reduced after 1 spray.

Another thing that was unexpected was how well it cleans! As mentioned, I did use other types of disinfectants to clean my home but I could still see my alcoholic wipes turn grey whenever I did use them to remove any oils or just to get rid of the water marks (yes, yes…Mel and her OCD). But with SPARKS disinfectant, my furniture surfaces were really really clean. If I had any complaint, it would be that my cloth picked up too much dust and then I had to use a dry cloth to just wipe off the dust ‘streaks’.

Unlike the hand sanitiser, the SPARKS disinfectant contains mainly quaternary ammonium compounds and their proprietary ingredients. It also contains a bit of fragrance, which smells a lot stronger than the hand sanitiser.

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Besides the above, I like how the SPARKS disinfectant and hand sanitiser 5L bottles come with a pump so that you can easily pump it into the smaller spray bottles or when squirting it into the washing machine as well as mopping pail!

Now, here’s a treat for you guys. Use my promo code <SPARKSMEL> to get $2 off their 5L disinfectant or hand sanitiser via their official website or their Shopee official store. If you’re purchasing through Lazada, please click on my voucher link here.

Do follow their Facebook group here for weekly cleaning and hygiene tips!

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