Easter Reflections

Easter Reflections
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It has been some time since I’ve last blogged and it is because I really have mountains of things to do but I tell myself that I do need to take breaks and just unwind. If not, my white hairs will increase, more of my existing black hairs will drop and I’ll probably look haggard. Haha!

So now I’m taking a short breather to just do a bit of reflection as we enter a new quarter of the year (Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn for those in the Southern Hemisphere).

The manikin and AED

I’ve been kind of on point with regards to my Action Plan and for March, I did a 2-hour CPR & AED Awareness Workshop at the Red Cross. I highly recommend everyone to attend this workshop because it really gave me a confidence boost to know what to do in the case where someone just suddenly collapses in front of me. It is not a certified course but it lets you know how to do a proper CPR, how the AED works and after the workshop, you will better decide whether to go for the full certified course or not.

I did go to the stand up comedy show as well! Moreover, bumped into Dr Martha and made a new friend as we made our way to after-show drinks. Unfortunately, due to the new COVID-19 rules, all restaurants have to clear drinks and plates at 10.30pm so we didn’t stay out as late as we would’ve pre-COVID for sure. Nonetheless, it was nice to be out and just hang out with friends. Moreover, what was better was that by hanging out with these ladies, I’ve learnt that one really needs to be less judgemental and continue to pursue learning as we grow!

Oddly enough, despite living away from my parents for about 1.5 years, I still had this feeling as if I had to go home early. I had to tell myself that I could stay out, there wouldn’t be any parent asking me where was I going or why was I home so late. Sigh~is this some sort of 阴影?I finally feel like what it is to be a fully independent adult.

I was talking to my brother and he likes the idea of my monthly action plan. It has been effective in getting my out of the house (other than for work or to visit the parents) but I think I need to really also think of going for activities that will expand my social circle because that’s something that I want to do if I do want to find someone to settle down with. Needless to say, I’ve given up on dating apps. They suck. Well…not the platforms per se but the type of men on it and the attitude when you use the apps. I’m guilty of ghosting people and judging based on looks…so I am sure it’s happening on the other side so let’s try to date a bit more traditionally and actually like others based on personality/chemistry.

In one of my many WhatsApp group chats, we started to talk about Karens and weird behaviours of certain online influencers, and 1 group member had advised another to do screen grabs of comments made by someone on her YouTube community posts (which that person later removed). She chose not to do any screenshots because she felt that it was a small matter and she would only do so if the comments were sexually offensive. Then the conversation went to about how we all want to be nice and kind but we still need to be prepared for all eventualities. I then shared that I don’t think this is about being nice or not but rather protecting one’s ass. I took screenshots of someone who made offensive remarks about me on her social media to protect myself. Me being nice and kind was not engaging with her and starting some social media war. As I age, I better understand the line between being nice/kind and still standing up for yourself. Something that was reiterated is that maturity really does not have a direct correlation with one’s calendar age. I wish that woman all the best in her life and I hope that our paths never cross again.

On a brighter note, I am continuing my monthly action plan and for April, I’m going to the SEA Aquarium and Madame Tussauds with the parents as we celebrate their birthdays! I’m looking forward to it because I’ve never been there before and I wanted to go to the Madame Tussauds in London when I was there in 2009 but my brother vetoed against that idea. I shall check that off my list soon!

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