Trying out Anake – DNA-based Skincare

Trying out Anake – DNA-based Skincare
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I’m not sure why this didn’t occur to me earlier but our skin type is determined by our DNA, so wouldn’t it make sense to know how best to treat our skin/ what type of skincare to use based on our DNA? Well, someone did. Introducing Anake, Singapore’s first end-to-end DNA-based skincare experience, that uses your DNA to come up with a bespoke skincare experience for you and they also give you the report to let you better understand what ingredients to look out for (and avoid) in your skincare regime.

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It does sound a bit expensive but I think that the value from one visit is actually very high. This is because your DNA will not change and therefore, neither would your skincare concerns! As such, you will be better equipped to find suitable skincare products and keep your skin in tip top condition – regardless whether you decide to stick to Anake or other brands.

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