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It has been a crazy 2 months where I was busy searching for a new job and I now can finally say it – I’M BACK IN THE CORPORATE WORLD!

While I can’t say that I relish the working hours of the corporate world (I wished that there was more flexibility in hours and whether we work from home and/or office) but I do like the challenges as well as having colleagues to socialise as well as bounce off ideas with.

That said, it will be some time before I can find a comfortable schedule to balance my work life with running The Wellness Insider as well as any other personal hobbies. This will explain the hiatus from my personal blog but I’m thankful to those who are still reading my blog posts…although I bet they’re not that interesting! Hahaha!

In the meanwhile, I am also very busy spending time reading up on what I need for my job. I am still trying to fulfil my New Year Resolution about doing a new activity each month but the pandemic and my current job has made the past couple of months difficult to do so. Nonetheless, I am happy with the way things are moving forward!

This will be yet another year where I have work on my birthday (sigh) but at least I managed to comfort myself by purchasing an early birthday present to myself during the recent 9.9 sale! (Maybe I should blog about this…hmmm…idea.)

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog post and I’ll catch up with you guys soon. Stay safe and take care everyone. Go get your vaccination!

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