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Your Opinion Is Needed & You’ll Stand The Chance To Win Tickets

I need your help. I want to create a service that caters to YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle while empowering you to become a better you – both on the inside and out. How can you get your voice be heard in shaping my business? All you need to do is to fill in a...


Why We Started WellnessYogi RESET

Last year in November, my friend suddenly said to me, “Mel, shall we do something meaningful next year?” I replied, in an almost knee-jerk manner, “Like what?” She then said, “How about organising a yoga event and inviting our friends?” That gave birth to the idea of WellnessYogi RESET. We came up with the name...


Passhen & WellnessYogi Facebook Giveaway To further promote WellnessYogi RESET, we’ll be giving away a pair of Day Passes to the event through our Facebook giveaway contest! Please head on over to or for more information and to take part in the giveaway! 1st week’s contest will end on 18 Apr, 2359 hrs and winner will be...