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Good Place For Date Night – Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House (The Heeren)

Located in a nondescript corner of the 3rd floor of Robinsons, The Heeren (btw, the new Robinsons at Heeren remind me of Selfridges in London…but that’s a separate topic), that’s only highlighted with this thin sign, the family and I went to Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House for a special post-Christmas dinner. This particular...


Steaked out at The Chop House

I had a craving for beef. I think it’s because it’s the time of the month and I need more iron. Plus, I haven’t had a good piece of steak for ages. Thus, the family got dragged along with my craving to The Chop House, a restaurant under the Wooloomooloo group, where they serve up...


L’Entrecote in Singapore – steak alert!

If you’ve followed by blog regularly, you would’ve read how I fell in love with l’entrecote steak in London.  I was so thrilled when I read that the restaurant L’entrecote opened in Singapore and guess what they serve?  Muahaha…the entrecote steak of course! Popularised in Paris, this steak is famous for coming sliced and topped...


Review – Oriole Cafe & Bar

I went to the flagship Cafe & Bar of Oriole Coffee at the Pan Pacific service suites, which is right smack between Somerset 313 and my fave shopping haunt – H&M.  It was raining and my friend was hungry (I was a bit peckish too) so we headed to Oriole as she loves their coffee....


Parents’ Anniversary

Celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary last night and we went to Shashlik Restaurant (located at Far East Shopping Centre, 6F). My gosh. The place hasn’t changed at all. How nostalgic it was for me!! My parents used to bring my bro and I there when we were kids and I can still recognise the faces...


Backlog – Alex’s Surprise Bday Party

Happy Birthday Alex! We planed a surprise birthday party for Alex (he actually ‘complained’ to his gf that we probably had forgotten about his birthday…HAHAHA) on Fri @ Miss Clarity Cafe, Purvis Street. The whole concept of the cafe kinda reminds me of the cafe version of Surfer Girl where there were bright colours and...