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Learning How To Algo Trade

I’m so proud of my former intern who has started a trading course with a couple of other partners so here I am giving a short post to promote their FREE seminar on algo trading. So, what is algo-trading? It means algorithmic trading and essentially, it is to automate your trades based on certain trading...


Googling Melissa Fann + other facts/news

I did something rather narcissistic last night. I googled myself – Melissa Fann. And I am quite amazed that my profile comes up as top!! Well…I went back to that profile and realised that it received more than 3000 views…wow. I’m completely amazed. The next most read blog post is the one called “A...



I realise that when I’m frustrated, it happens when a lot of things occur at the same time. Take yesterday for example: 1. Joomla was not user friendly so I was having tons of problem trying to type everything out in html and tweaking stuff…not fun -__- 2. Forex decided to just go against whatever...


Dimon speaks

You guys must be wondering what’s up with me and my recent financial news postings. Well, Jamie Dimon used to be my HUGE boss…haha…and well, its true. Banker shouldn’t be a dirty word anymore. People in the financial industry do work shit hours and they do work damn hard. That being said, I still think...