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Taxi Encounter – 8/1/2012

Me: Uncle, I’m going to xxx. Driver: Do you want to go by Route A or B?Me: yup, route A is easier. Driver: So do you want me to go by route A or B? You have to tell me. Me: -_-;


Taxi Tales

I am pretty tired but I just HAD to blog about this.  This is one of my many (what I dubbed as) ‘taxi tales’.  Went into this cab where the driver was a 70-year old uncle.  First thing he said, other than asking me where I was going to, was “Thank you! You’ve saved me. ...


Taxi Encounter

I think there should be a show called “Taxi Drivers say the Darnest Things” cos they do! So many taxi drivers have entertained, infuriate and amused me to bits.  Today was no exception. Hopped into a cab and after I commented that the weather these days have been crazy, he launched into how the weather...


Ode To Irritating People

Phooey to the idiot who kept calling my home phone in the middle of the night. You a-hole who caused me to have interrupted sleep!! 🙁 By the way, the taxi driver that drove me yesterday did the same Raffles LINK and Raffles QUAY confusion again. I saw him veering to the right lane and...