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Get Fit In Style with Rumi Yoga Wear

We’ve teamed up with Rumi Yoga Wear to give Pásshen members great discounts! We looove Rumi’s  eco-friendly shorts, capris and leggings are made 100% of recycled plastic bottles and are super stretchy. They even have a maternity range with an expandable waistband that can be folded down when baby is born! Comfy and with excellent wicking, you’ll remain cool...


Wardrobe Malfunction

I came home not too long ago and when I closed my room door, I heard a ‘bang’.  I was wondering what sound it was and when I opened my wardrobe, I found the source.  The metal pole holding my clothes up broke.  Yep.  Too many clothes? *Sheepish grin* *sigh* Now, I’ve got to go...


Christmas /New Year Special

OCT 1983 is now bringing in a full range of wonderful party dresses, casual and work tops and even boho chic!! I love the above Rosette Silk dress which is so feminine but the colour is just so rich and vibrant! How cool is this cape and capris trousers?? I like this flirty bustier top...


Twitch, twitch…oh stop it!!

My left eyelid has been twitching for the past two days and if you’re like me, you’d believe that bad things will happen if your left eye twiches. Well…I think one of the bad things happens to be the new ‘improved’ version of Firefox which screws up my blogger AND facebook. Bleurgh. I used to...


Boxer shorts for sale!

A client just ordered a set of 3 female boxer shorts. Don’t you think these 4 are just soo adorable? If you would like them as well, I am selling a set of 3 for SGD 14 (excluding postage) or SGD 5 each.


Summer dress!

Hi all! I have updated Oct 1983‘s website with this outstanding blue summer dress! I think this dress is simple but get flirty and the lace-like details on the edges just makes it complete. Sharon here has worn it with a black tube and wide black belt, just to give it a bit of glam...