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My day of freebies

Today was freebie galore for me. 🙂Firstly, I had signed up for SKII’s party so we had a door gift of the oil cleanser, UV sunscreen and a tube of Facial Treatment Vit C.  I was expecting a full-on party with a talk and/or food, I was sorely disappointed as the section was crowded and...


Random Stuff + Repost

I have been just surfing the net for interesting bites:1. The blogger who slammed me has since removed that post! 🙂 Thank you! 2. STB’s spanking new website is great! Never knew that we had food tours for tourists (may I join?) and get this – there’s a contest where you can help your friends...



I love freebies…not sure about you! Anyways, found this website that I think is great!!! You get to try samples (of whichever product you’ve noticed) before you buy the full sized items. You only pay a small postage fee per item. I think its a great idea! Now…why didn’t I think of this website…hmms…..



Some of you might notice this new banner that I have: Well, its an excellent website for us females who love good fashion and cosmetics deal. Go join! They’re giving out free Kose mask samples!!