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Ughs…I should’ve checked the Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore’s website earlier. I just went there and realised that they had an online application that closed last Fri! 🙁 Would’ve really saved me a lot of trouble to just d/l the forms and email them over. Now, I have to go down to JCSS during lunch...


Japanese Studies

For those who are learning Japanese or would like to learn Japanese but find the language schools too expensive (I feel you..), check out this website! iknow It’s really comprehensive and it really helps you remember vocabulary and while you’re reading the new vocabs, you can observe the grammar usage of words. 昨日、テンプスタッフのコンサルトントにあった。彼女のアドバイスは日本語をもともと勉強しる。私もうそうしたいけど、私にとって、日本語はとても難しいだよ。。。そして、いろいろなスクールの授業料は高い。今、お金がないから、上に紹介のサイトを利用している。 For those...