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My grandma is now out of the hospital and going to be staying over at my place for an indefinite time. In other words, permanently. She refuses to sleep on my bed! Her ridiculous reasons? She said that she’s afraid of falling off the bed because she’s too used to sleeping on her queen-size bed over at my uncle’s place. Another reason was that she’s afraid of stepping on me when she goes to the loo in the middle of the night. Firstly, she already has a bad back and getting off the floor is going to be tough for her. Secondly, Baileys will walk all over her (but that has been solved with me closing the door). Thirdly, Baileys is now lying just outside my room door because I’m inside…my granny may trip over him when she walks out of my room. *sigh* I hope NOBODY dares to mention about giving the dog up….that’s my greatest fear. My place is way too small for another person. We need a larger house!!! We need a maid too. Sing, care to trade homes for a while? Hahahaha…

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