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Happy Easter folks!!

No…its not about bunnies and eggs *rolls eyes*. It’s about triumph over death, God’s sacrifice for us wee humans and that our debt has been paid. Okies, I shall not be preachy.

Yest, Mel Li and I made an appointment to check out the flea at Mt. Sophia. Met her at 3.30pm but we ended up waiting for the shuttle for a good hour. My feet still ache…..Turns out that the shuttle was picking/dropping people off at Atrium@Orchard instead of Plaza Singapura. Note to organisers: Hello…SIGNS??!! Please inform people properly as well or at least have someone stationed at Plaza Singapura to tell people that the pick-up point has changed to Atrium. Moreover, they need to rethink their wet weather plan. It ALWAYS rains on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Ah well….we HAD to go to the flea because one of Mel Li’s customer was a stall owner and she HAD to have the Marc Jacobs Tote that day. How was the flea? Crowded and warm. The rain didn’t really add the mood either. Every stall seemed like a repeat of each other. Not to mention, all stalls cramped a lot of stuff onto their tables + hangers + luggage + clothes racks. Felt like organised chaos. Needless to say, we didn’t buy anything. Oh…we met Ms-I’ll-undercut-you-with-my-cheap-low-grade-semi-precious-stones as well. I think she’s a flea/bazaar regular. =P I sincerely hope that she doesn’t turn up for the Jazz@Southbridge bazaar. =P

Just a side note about Mt. Sophia. It really reminds me of Hong Kong’s mid-levels where the neighbourhood’s slightly posh but not in the I-can-smell-the-cash-from-afar kind of grand way. Rather, its more like an old neighbourhood on top of a hill that simply became more expensive with time. Very nice place that feels homely and quiet despite it being so near Orchard Rd. Good leg trainers too!! Walk up and down the hill…oh wait, I already do that everyday since my block IS on a hill as well.

Haha…ok, I need to celerbate good tidings though. I have my first stranger who signed up for my Oct 1983 mailing list!! I know, I know, it sounds like a cheap thrill…BUT it is a huge deal to me because she (I’m assuming its a she) is my 1st client who signed up for my newsletter. *Huge grin*

Another thing to be happy about is that my revamped website for Oct 1983 is finally up and running!! Kindly click ‘here’ to view! I slept at 5.30am this morning doing up this website ok…please appreciate my effort. If you think it sucks – just shut up. Haha…


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