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I have made one charm bracelet and one pair of earrings today and I feel super duper unproductive.

Cut some chains up today using my stove’s flame as the chains are too thick for my normal pliers.

3.5 wks more before I fly off to London. Am I excited? I don’t know…I’m half hearted because it really is a break but the thought of having to do housework plus the lack of my double screens is quite annoying. However, being physically away from Singapore also helps me to distance myself away from my stresses.

Some friends have asked me whether I’d be ok with being overseas for so long. Hm…not too worried about that considering that I have stayed in Melbourne with my bro for a month and I have stayed in Japan for almost 2 mths without family. 3 months with bro will just be a test of our patience…hahaha…ah well. C’est la vie.

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