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Went to Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge on Sun with my bro, E and M. Shan’t really write a lot…I’ll let the pictures do the talking! 🙂

The classical homes built with the honey-coloured Bath stone. Nicholas Cage has rented no. 27. He liked Bath that much. These homes can’t be bought as they’re state-owned (something like the black & white colonial houses in Singapore). Due to this, the people who live in these homes aren’t allowed to built anything outside their homes and their doors have to be painted white.

The Abbey.

Above is the city of Bath.

This is the Salisbury Cathedral, which is famous for several things: its spire, which stands at 123m and is Britain’s tallest spire; was built in the 13th century; has Europe’s oldest working clock; contains the most well preserved (one of four) surviving Magna Carta; and the largest cloisters.

The Salisbury Cathedral was built in 80 odd years, which made it relatively quickly built. As such, this is one of the few churches or cathedrals to NOT have mixed styles in the building.

These statues outside the church depict people from the bible or related to the church (13th Century still refers to the Catholic Church…it was turned into an Anglican one later). They are for those who are illiterate.

Inside the cathedral. There was a choir rehearsal going on when we arrived.

The cloisters where monks used to live and they had the garden to plant their food etc. It is now used as a cemetery/ garden.

This Europe’s oldest working clock. Not just Britain or UK but EUROPE’s. There aren’t any dials or hands. It tells the time by chiming the bells.

Stonehenge!! Mystery how the rocks got here 5000 years ago since the stones were from Wales. WHY is another question. There is loads to talk about Stonehenge…but I think you can read about it here.

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