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My JC classmate, CC, is in Rotterdam, Holland for training and so, he came to London over the weekend and I met him for lunch last Monday at Galvin.

We arrived early at 11.45pm when the kitchen opens only at noon. However, we were not the first ones there. We were given water, the menu but we couldn’t order till noon sharp. Yes…welcome to the world of Michelin starred restaurants and fine dining. My thoughts on this was, “Why can’t you just take our orders and then put them through once the kitchen is open?” Ah…well…when in Rome, do what the Romans do.

Starter – Imam something…which is just roasted aubergines with sun dried tomatoes, coriander and spices, topped with a dollop of sour cream. It was good! Kinda odd to find a Middle Eastern starter in a French restaurant though.

Finally, some semblance of French food with our main course of Pork on a bed of mash. The sauce was incredible. I have NO idea what went in it but I’m guessing red wine, onions, carrots and sugar. The pork was shredded and was very tender…mmm….

Dessert was rice pudding with Provence peaches and honey. I wasn’t exactly blown away by this dish but CC messaged me on Tues saying that he was thinking of this dessert. 🙂 I joked that he just misses rice since he’s been away from Singapore for a few weeks and rice costs EUR 2 per bowl in Rotterdam.

In general, I like the simple dark wood furnishings, crisp white table cloths and impeccable service. For GBP 15.50 (before 12.5% svc charge), this set meal is good value for money and definitely worth the visit. The fact that it is only 5 mins walk away from Baker St station also makes this place a convenient place to go to.

This IS a place that I would want to revisit and I do feel that they have managed to do what Arbutus had intended to do – fresh, seasonal foods with reasonable pricing for everyone to enjoy.

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