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My wonderful luck continues with my watch running out of battery today and while walking to work, the front part of my shoe came unglued.  Thank goodness I was carrying my slippers in my bag (wanted to leave them in the office).  I think I need to leave a couple of slippers in the office/ handbag for situations like this. 


I wonder whether I’m stretching myself too thin.  I’m now working full-time while carrying out my biz part-time.  In addition, I am still freelancing manga translation AND I’m intending to do my JLPT2 at the end of this year.  The funny thing is that I don’t feel tired at all.  I don’t feel myself dragging my arse around.  Perhaps this is what is meant by finding some sort of fulfillment! J


Yup…one MUST be positive and see the upside in everything!  I’m glad to say that I’m in the midst of uploading my 2nd hand stuff onto for my online ‘garage’ sale come 1st Sept.  Do keep a look out for that!





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