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Look at what my mummy gave me for my birthday!! She’s rather early but she decided to get it for me cos the shop was having a sale and she knew how long I’ve been eyeing a proper jewellery case.

Check out all the compartments!! Guess what? Only 4 pieces there are made by me AND I still have necklaces that I’ve kept hung in my closet so that they don’t get tangled up. Imagine what would happen if I stored my handmade stuff here too? 20 years worth of costume jewellery….I must tell myself to stop buying!! Actually, I do tell myself that whenever I find pieces that I can easily replicate. Thus, I only buy those that I either can’t remake or they’re really selling it dirt cheap.

Birthday…birthday…means that October is coming soon!! Wee~ can’t wait for my birthday!! From last year’s experience, I LOVE to receive body shower gels/ foam. NO body lotions please. I still have enough bottles and tubes of body lotions to last me through to end of 2010. Will I be BHB and come up with a wish list? Yup…I prolly will next week. Muahaha…hey…I’m making life easier for you friends. Would you rather buy me something that I’ll use or something that I’ll recycle/ regift?

By the way, I have decided my dress for THAT cousin’s wedding already. I did take photos of me wearing the other dresses but after taking them, it was a no-brainer. I looked soo awful in them that my pink dress won hands down. You’ll see which pink dress in the following week! 🙂 I’ve already started thinking of the earrings that I’m going to wear on that day and yes, I am inspired to make one.

Speaking of jewellery again, you’ve probably guessed that Oct 1983 is my birth month and year…thus, there WILL be special stuff going on in store come October!! Just what are they? You’ve got to stay tuned!!!

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