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Christmas is coming!! I made this bracelet for my colleague who likes the colour red and she told me that she likes chunky bracelets.

Judging from her personality, I wanted to create something that’s semi-feminine but yet bold and I think I’ve achieved this! 🙂 The butterfly clasp really goes well with the whole bracelet as it adds something extra (I feel) and I like the fact that this bracelet can be worn casually as well as on formal occasions. I can sooo see her wearing this with a black dress or even with jeans. I’m so happy with the way this piece came out! Even better was her pleasantly surprised reaction, which made MY day! 😀

I’m going to upload this onto Oct 1983 as soon as my computer stops hanging!! So keep an eye out for that as well as upcoming specials (hint: I’m bringing in apparels real soon)!! Do also feel free to drop me a line if you’d like a similar piece.

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