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Sorry…no pics for this post – yet. I’ll search for it later and post it up.

Anyhows, my cousin came over on Christmas Day for our family’s potluck lunch and he happily announced that he has watched all the films that are currently out. He also recommended that we watch ‘Sherlock Holmes’ although he complained that he was reading the Chinese subtitles throughout the whole movie. Why? Because he couldn’t really understand what the actors were saying.

So…I walked into the cinema wondering whether it was the accent that was tough or the slangs? My bro also whispered to me prior the movie, “Let’s listen and see whether we understand or not.” Well…I understood most of what was being said. Maybe it IS the accent. Hmms…

Ok…this is a movie review and not a debate about accents so let me get back to focus. What attracted me to this movie initially were the trailers where it was obvious that this was not your regular take on Sherlock Holmes. This Sherlock Holmes fights, is quite attractive and as Guy Ritchie himself said, Holmes’ sidekick is a Hotson and not just the usual Watson. 🙂

The storyline is very interesting in the sense that it makes goes on as if you’ve watched prior episodes to it. There’s hardly any explanation about the relationship between Holmes and the American Irene Adler. You guess and yes, you would guess correctly. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ has something for everyone – those who like comedies, fighting scenes and a little mystery. I wouldn’t go so far to call it a detective movie though because there aren’t any small clues, where you follow Holmes to solve a crime etc. The scriptwriters did show you certain ‘clues’ though…but you weren’t racking your brains alongside Watson and Holmes like the books and previous tv shows did.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself a lot while watching this movie and yes, I do recommend it. Two thumbs up!! I can’t wait for ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’ and yes…it ends like how ‘Red Cliff’ did…you just KNOW that there’s a sequel happening. Ah well…not that I’m complaining. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law are incredible actors!!!

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