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I finally have time for my nails!! I saw a similar design in a mag so I decided to try it on my own nails.  This was a bit time consuming but I quite like the results although my lack of practice kinda of shows…anyway, this is what I used:

  1. Base coat followed by 2 coats of OPI’s Donkeeyyy purple
  2. In a diagonal fashion, dot the top or bottom with alternate white and silver nail polish. You can use a dotting tool but I used Faceshop’s Nail Dot pens.  Do this ONLY when the purple coat is 90% dry
  3. With a toothpick or fine brush, swirl the white and silver nail polishes together.  Let all the coats dry totally
  4. Choose a glittery nail polish (preferably clear, without any tinge of any other colour) and dab at preferred areas.  I like to do it at the tips of the swirls. If you have larger glitter like stars or just round ones, this is a good design to use them with.
  5. Add in crystals. I used orange, light pink and dark pink crystals to finish the look
  6. End with generous amount of top coat to seal in the crystals and to smooth out any kinks from the swirls and glitter

When doing the swirl, don’t be afraid to make it bumpy because the eventual top coat layer will smooth things out.

Have fun!

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