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Was walking past the Watson’s at Esplanade Link Mall when I notice $2 sales. Yes…I do love the word ‘SALE’ and it never fails to catch my attention.  Anyway, I picked up these 2 tubs of nail polish remover pads because I’ve always been quite fascinated with how they can make nail polish removal so easy.

‘Fruity Fragrance’ and ‘Jasmin Fragrance’ read these 2 and well, they really do smell quite nice. The pad had rubbed off some of the polish on my nails when I was trying to grab a pad out.  Seemed promising.  Now comes the actual soak & rub test.

It removed the base nail polish quite well but it’s a no-go for glitter. I didn’t like how the solution oozed out when rubbing and causing coloured solution to go all over my nails and fingers.  That said, the solution doesn’t contain alcohol or acetone so it didn’t feel like my nails were drying out. Quite the opposite even.  Downside is that I had to use about 15 pads to remove all the nail polish from all ten fingers (including glitter).  Used about 8 for my toe nails which didn’t have glitter.

Would I buy them again? Only if it were $2 a tub but then again, my usual acetone-free nail polish is cheaper and more effective in the long run.

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