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Cupcake fad has hit Singapore!! ‘Twelve Cupcakes‘ is the chain by former Miss Universe Singapore Jaime Teo and her hubby, DJ Daniel Ong.

I decided to try it since they were having a ‘Buy 4, get 2 free’ promotion.  They only had 6 flavours left so I guess it must’ve been kismet. The cupcakes are not cheap at $3 each unless you buy 6 or more.  However, ingredients such as chocolate and cream cheese were never the cheapest.

Now, let me try to recall the flavours that I purchased…from top left, in a clockwise manner, it’s Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla, Rainbow Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla and Strawberry Chocolate. 

Taste test for the Strawberry Chocolate and Vanilla Chocolate with all the cream cheese frosting: the cake base was moist and wasn’t too cloying although it was too chocolatey for me.  I like that light strawberry flavour in the cream and I loved their cream cheese frosting although my mum felt that it was too sweet.

It was a good try but I don’t think I’ll spend $3 for one of these babies again.  Unless I have a huge cupcake craving.  Wait. They have Peanut Butter flavoured cream. Hmm…anyway, consolation for that price tag is that it tastes as good as it looks!

You can view all their flavours and store locations at their website

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