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Strangely riveting.

That’s my reaction to the BBC documentary on the Amish.  When I chanced upon this video on YouTube, I thought that it would just be an interesting insight into the Amish culture, which is relatively unknown to this part of the world.

How wrong I was.  What initially started out as your typical documentary about the secret life of the Amish turned into what is really a revelation of Amish ‘revolution’ if I can loosely use that term.

I couldn’t help but think that the Amish really got it right in the sense of values where life is simple and priority comes to Love in this order:

  1. God
  2. Family/ Relationships
  3. Everything else

In this modern technological era, we have everything that we can possibly have but yet we’re still not happy.  We are in a constant need to pursue more material satisfaction but we all know that the pursuit of wealth is sometimes like going down that rabbit hole.  You’ll never know when you’ll reach an end goal and then one day, you’ll soon realise that it’s really not that important.

Nonetheless, why did I mention ‘revolution’?  Those who have any inkling of the Amish community/ culture are sure to know about their many rules and regulations that can make us Catholics seem really liberal.  Through this documentary, we get an insight to how the simple Amish people are also questioning these rules and exploring a really complex issue of the interpretation of Bible, love, God and how these rules which were meant to keep their values have evolved to the point of probably going against what Christianity is about.  Old traditions vs. new thinking. Different school of thoughts within the whole Amish community.  Sounds familiar?  Amish aren’t so simple after all, eh?

Although the video is an hour long, I highly recommend watching it in its entirety.  I reckon that this video will make you want to value your relationships a lot more, you’ll just treasure the people around you a little more and perhaps, it will push you in the direction to be less naughty 😉

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