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So, I caved in and bought the Clarisonic Mia 2 facial sonic cleanser after reading and hearing rave reviews.  This cost me S$215 from Sephora and comes with a 2-year warranty.  It’s only S$20 more expensive than if I had bought it via Amazon but I save on having to get another adapter AND I am assured of a warranty.

I intend to save money in the long run because a make-up artist claimed that he didn’t need any facials after using Clarisonic.  So, I’m going to use this baby every single day. I’m not changing my usual facial cleanser nor my moisturisers nor my weekly mask regime.  Only change is that I probably will not be using my scrub once a week.  Perhaps once a month or so.

Day 1 – used the Clarisonic for the first time.  As you can see, my problems are enlarged pores and a bit of uneven skin tone.  That said, the first wash with the Clarisonic has helped clean a bit of the blackheads at the tip of my nose.  So far, so good.  I can still feel the whiteheads on my chin and my upper lip felt a bit roughed up when being cleansed.

The sales assistant said that her blemishes lightened after she started using Clarisonic…so let’s see how this skin journey continues!

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