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I’m officially addicted to Carousell. I find myself constantly going to the app on my phone (I wished it were on iPad too though)  and browsing through others’ listings as well as mine. I get thrilled when I receive messages and offers for my items!

Anyway, I’ve got the following 2 items up for sale that I think are uber cute and are super great deals:

Both are original Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars phone covers by Sanrio. Although the packaging reads that it’s for the iPhone 5C, it works for the iPhone 5 (1st series) because that’s the phone that I’m using.

I’m selling them at S$10 each although normal retail price is S$29.90 each. I have another Little Twin Stars cover that I’m currently using. To purchase them, head onto and leave me a comment/offer.

The great thing about Carousell is that you can access it on your desktop too! Mind you, I’m not paid to advertise for them. I’m just really addicted to it. That’s where I bought my Kitchenaid from. LOL.

I do have other items on sale so do take a look!

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