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With the tagline “If it’s broken, don’t fix it! Eat it!” the new eating joint named “ComNam” certainly catches your attention when you walk past it. Conveniently located at B1 of Raffles City, ComNam is all about Rice while it’s sister NamNam is all about noodles. Specifically, broken rice which is traditionally known as cheap rice because they’re not nice whole grains. However, this product of the rice mill is supposedly better for rice dishes because its higher surface area means better absorption of yummy sauces/gravy.

After 1 week of its opening, there was still a queue to get a table and we had no choice but to share a booth with 2 other ladies. I also noticed that the tables and bar table seats were placed really close to each other. So…be prepared for a communal dining experience.

Above is the Lunch Set A1 (S$9.90) that I ordered and instead of steamed broken rice, I chose the kimchi fried brown rice. On top of the rice is a fried egg, pickled vegetables, fried chicken balls doused with a delicious tomato tumeric sauce and then there was also a serving of something that what was not described in the menu and my best guess is that it’s either a sort of fungus or sea vegetable. The bowl looks very humble and not worthy of food porn status but don’t be fooled. It was really really good (although the brown rice doesn’t have a strong kimchi taste).

The lunch set As (there’s A1 which is chicken and A2 which is pork cooked in prawn paste) also come with a bowl of soup and today’s soup was the Spicy Tomato with egg drop, dill and something that resembles spam.

Do not underestimate this spam-like block. It’s actually a very delicious mix of pork and crab which picked up the delicate spicy and sour soup without losing it’s crab and pork flavours. Really awesome deliciousness that I did not expect.

Included in the sets were a choice of Vietnamese coffee, lotus tea or bottled water. I honestly don’t like their lotus tea but I can’t drink coffee so I didn’t have much of a choice. My colleague ordered the coffee and she said that it was like drinking 2 espressos in a single shot. LOL.

For S$9.90, this set is really very value-for-money. The ala carte rice bowls are already priced from $8.50 to $9.90 so the set saves you approximately $6.50 as there’s a soup and drink added. Another thing that I love about ComNam (and NamNam too) is that the prices are inclusive of GST so you pay menu prices! I can’t wait to try out the other sets and the desserts. The desserts looked absolutely sinful…but oh…I must stick to my diet plan!! Anyway, if you’re in the area and are looking for a filling and satisfying meal, I do suggest trying out ComNam. Specially if NamNam next door has a long snaking queue.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-46/47 Raffles City
Singapore 179103

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