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Only in small towns can you get to enjoy the forest and lots of green in your front and backyard! The above is the view from my aunt’s friend’s front yard. We were there to help flower her plants as she and her husband were away on vacation.

Inside her house, she has a wall that’s dedicated to my aunt’s cross stitch pieces! In fact, there are a few other of my aunt’s work on the mantle.

 Check out the garden! It’s larger than I imagined it to be and there are loads of plants!

 I recognise the corn plants in the middle.

Look! Green tomatoes! A few more weeks and they’ll all turn red – meaning that they’re ready to be eaten!

 Some herbs grown together (top and bottom).

Flowers are starting to bloom! Soon, there will be insects and bees coming to help pollinate the flowers and then fruit will come! In this case, squash!

A pumpkin is starting to grow and sink to the ground.

Random berry that I found near the driveway and thought that it looked quite nice. I’m so envious. I too want a garden and grow my own chilli, onions, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, herbs and other veggies. Unfortunately, I don’t have a garden and I don’t have a green thumb either.

My aunt too has a small garden of sorts and it’s really growing very well in the summer!

Look…a melon/squash! Funny thing is that my aunt doesn’t know what this is supposed to be. She just took the seed from her friend and planted it. Looks like it’ll be a surprise!

Her sunflower is also blooming and attracting a lot of bees and even a resident bird who keeps picking on the seeds.

See that flower? That is the start of a bell pepper! I’m so jealous!! Few of my fruit plants ever get to this stage!!

Really laid back culture here with my aunt. Gardening…cooking…knitting. You’d be surprised to know that my aunt used to be in charge of a regional outfit. So domesticated now.

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