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As mentioned previously, I’m now on a new diet regime where I have to take BiosLife Slim 10 minutes before my 2 heaviest meal. As you can see from the photo above, it’s just 1 sachet and 1 shaker cup with 250 ml of water before meals.

The powder smells like orange and it’s no wonder that the shake tastes like it. Su Lee, my wellness coach, recommended that I use cold water so that it tastes better.

This is how the concoction looks like after shaking it for about 5 times. Again, I was recommended NOT to shake it too much because over shaking it makes it turn thicker and gloopier, making it harder to drink.

The texture reminded me of phylum husk that has been soaking in liquids. If you’ve taken meal replacement drinks before, this is really a walk in the park because it is only 250ml of orange flavoured thick drink.

However, unlike meal replacements, Bioslife Slim is not meant to replace what you consume. Instead, it is full of fibre (hence me thinking that it contains phylum husk) and this is what helps to keep you full so that you do not snack in between meals as well as help absorb more fat from your diet.

BiosLife Slim promotes a 4-4-12 eating plan – meaning, 4 hours between breakfast and lunch, another 4 hours between lunch and dinner followed by 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. What I’ve found to be more practical is 4-5-12. I eat breakfast at 10, get hungry at about 1.30pm then I eat lunch, then I get hungry again at 6.30pm where I eat dinner and then I don’t eat again until I wake up the following day.

After the first day of taking BiosLife Slim, I must say that I felt very gassy and was having a flatulence headache. Messaged Su Lee and she said that it’s normal because the fibre was reacting to the Probiotics that I was also taking at the same time. My guts were adjusting to a fuller load of fibre too. Hmm…sounds interesting but it was a bit uncomfortable when having company. I also realised that I was drinking a lot more water and helping me hit my 2 litres-a-day goal.

Thank goodness this lightened up after 2 days and everything went back to normal. Well…maybe not quite ‘normal’ because I did feel lighter! I realised that I was releasing fuller loads into the toilet and the cleansing of the bowels helped me lose about 200g. No wonder Su Lee kept telling me that it is important to do a cleanse/detox and aid the body to get rid of waste.

The downside of this regime is that it was very hard to bring this shaker with me whenever I went out for meals. Bringing the sachets along was definitely not a problem. Also…at a food court, wouldn’t it be weird to drink the Bioslife Slim and then wait 5-10 minutes before you can consume the food that you ordered? As such, I must say that keeping to this plan was not that simple.


  1. Buy a bottle of mineral water from any stall and pour out some of the water till you get about 250 ml. Pour in the BiosLife Slim and shake. Drink as per usual.
  2. Bring along a water bottle so that you can always be able to pour and shake a sachet of BiosLife Slim.
  3. Let others buy their food first while you drink the BiosLife Slim. By the time you queue up and buy your good, it’ll be just in time.

I’m trying very hard to be disciplined on this. I’ll press on!!

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