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Look at the wall of ear buds!! Was invited to Happy Plug’s launch in Singapore held at the luxury boutique hotel Klapsons and what was immediately noticeable about this Swedish brand is the simplistic but yet fashionable way of packaging simple ear buds.

The candy colours scream out to you and you just want to hold the box containing the ear buds and wonder why nobody else thought of packaging earphones or ear buds this way. If monotone bright colours aren’t your thing, they also have the more ‘wild’ versions:

I love how they have the full matching set for your phone, tablet as well as ear piece! As you can see, Happy Plugs are positioned as a fashion accessories brand rather than pure electronics. It’s quite funny that the brand started when the founder, Andreas Vurul, spray painted his girlfriend’s plain white ear buds pink. I hope for the girlfriend’s sake that she’s now the wife or she’s cashing in on this some how. Hahah!

I managed to get a pair of Happy Plugs ear buds and I can’t wait to try them out for sound. But as Happy Plug’s tagline goes…”What is your colour?” I shall wait until I feel orangey to try them on.

Happy Plugs definitely wins hands down for best packaging. Look at how cute their cables are packed! Mind you, it may look short but each cable is 2m long. I don’t think you can tell from the lighting but this series comes from their latest metallic range and I love it!

However, the main event was the real launch of the brand’s latest flagship products – Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini.

The brand story and the launch of the latest flagship products was presented by Hermine Bonde, Global Sales Director of Happy Plugs. She explained how the Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini have grills that could be changed to suit either your mood or to blend in with your interior decoration.

Marble top

Hot pink

Leopard prints anyone?


The various grills that you can purchase separately

I love the idea of changing the grills to suit your decor because that is a problem with a lot of electronic equipment. They either come in white/black/grey but your furniture in your home/room comes in a lot more shades than that.

Sound Piece Mini with the Rose Gold grill

Lime Green limited edition grill on the Sound Piece in another room

Luxury boutique hotel klapsons was aptly chosen as the launch venue as all 17 rooms in the hotel, each uniquely designed, have been outfitted with a set of Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini speaker for guests to enjoy as part of the tailor-made klapsons’ experience. Just like each room at klapsons is uniquely designed, each Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini’s front grill is customised to match the room’s interior style.

Besides the look of the Sound Piece, it has to be good as an actual speaker, right? Check out the short video that I took with the Sound Piece Mini playing Adele in the outside jacuzzi (yup, klapsons as an outdoor one in their executive suite).

I was impressed by the quality and I love how compact it is! I was sold and I really bought a mini for myself. I can’t wait to get it next week and I also am getting the rose gold grill so that I’ll have a classy piece to match my room’s decor! It’s my Christmas present to myself.

The Happy Plugs Sound Piece ($329) and Sound Piece Mini ($139) are now available through the Atlas e-store and selected resellers island-wide. For more information, visit www.soundpiece.sg

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