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I was invited last week to a Beauty themed event at Palais Renaissance meant for bloggers and one of the places that hosted us was Privé Clinic. Privé is one of Singapore’s trusted medical aesthetic clinics and was founded by Dr. Karen Soh.

I was lucky to be chosen as the model for the live demonstration to get either a nose or a chin filler by Dr Chua, Aesthetics Doctor of Privé Vitale Clinic. If you’re interested to get a filler, a single treatment would normally cost S$963 (incl. GST).

Walking in for the prep, I saw the chair and it was slightly intimidating but the nurses and Dr Chua helped to make me feel comfortable. I had a consultation with Dr Chua on whether to do the nose or chin filler. We had a bit of a difficulty with this because he said that my face was quite proportionate so there really isn’t a very pressing need for a filler. However, the filler on my nose bridge would make my nose seem thinner/smaller while a chin filler may help make my face look slimmer. I naturally went for the chin filler as I want to look like a lost 1 kg!

Dr Chua prepping to do the chin filler

Before the demonstration, I was led to a smaller room to take some ‘before’ photos and also given some numbing cream on my chin. While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, Dr Chua then explained why fillers are gaining popularity over plastic surgery (mainly due to the fact that it is less invasive and people like how it isn’t permanent nor damages any muscles). He introduced 2 types of fillers used – Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Radiesse.

Why do people do fillers? Besides wrinkles, some people look as if they have double chins when it actually is a shorter recessed chin and this is where fillers can be used to elongate the chin while making the face more proportionate. Asians also tend to have a very low nose bridge and fillers can also be used to make the nose bridge a lot more defined so that the face looks sharper.

I’m sure that most of you ladies would’ve heard of Hyaluronic Acid as it’s the current popular ingredient in most moisturisers and facial masks. Why it is so popular is because HA occurs naturally in the body and it attracts water molecules of up to 1,000 times it’s size and weight. That is why it goes into your moisturisers and facial masks because it naturally boosts your skin’s moisture levels. As a filler, the body does not reject it and if the patient does not like the results, the doctor is able to remove it easily. The other filler used is Radiesse, which is made of synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite, a similar compound that can be found in bones and teeth. As such, it’s slightly harder than HA and harder to remove if the patient isn’t happy with the results. Nonetheless, unlike most other fillers, Radiesse expands upon injection and stimulates collagen production. Thus, a lot of people who get Radiesse filler will see drastically smoother skin (bye bye wrinkles) and a lot of people love it as the effect lasts for about a year. Do note that this filler is not recommended for the lips as it may cause lumps.

Pop goes the needle

For this demonstration, Dr Chua used a syringe of Radiesse. Although I can’t stand needles, I was not nervous about the procedure because I knew that I was under expert hands. In order to make me feel more comfortable, Dr Chua even used a cold compress to further ensure that my chin was numb and that the procedure would be painless.

Nevertheless, I could still feel the needle going into my chin and the filler being injected inside. Dr Chua made 3 injections and he pressed my chin to mould it to the place where he wanted it to go. It felt a little strange because it felt a little bit like play-doh in my chin and there was a bit of swelling (natural since there was an injection). There was a bit of bleeding from the 3 insertion points but that stopped when the nurse applied anti-bacterial cream on them.

They told me not to smile for the photos so that’s why I look sombre in the ‘After’ photo. But…I’ve got a new chin! And don’t you agree that my face looks slimmer? Everyone else at the event commented that they could immediately see the difference and that my face looks slimmer!

With Dr Chua of Privé Vitale Clinic

I’m really thankful to Dr Chua and the nurses at Privé for making me feel comfortable and for doing such a great job on my chin! Not to mention the cool swag that every one of us received after the session. I did not experience any bruising (this happens with some patients) and as for aftercare, I just needed to be very careful not to lean my chin on anything as well as not to purse my lips or pout as I do get a lot of dimpling on my chin whenever I do that.

Goodies from the event

It has been a week and my chin feels almost natural, with only a very small lump at the bottom of my chin which isn’t visibly noticeable and I only notice it when I touch it. I’m very impressed with the follow up service of Privé when I received text messages from them asking about my chin 2 days after the procedure. When I told them that there was a bit of swelling, they even asked me to take photos to send to them via WhatsApp so that Dr Chua could look and evaluate! Talk about combining service with technology! Now…would they be interested in listing on SWAG Guide? Hahaha.

Privé also has other aesthetic treatments such as facials and Elite Eyes (bye bye eye bags), which I will be going back o Privé for. I’m quite excited to tell you, dear readers, that you can get 10% discount when you quote “Blogger Melissa” for any of their aesthetic treatments. This discount is valid from now till 30 March 2016!

Book your appointment today at:

Prive Aesthetics
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