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In my quest for more hair, I was given the chance to try out Philip Kingsley’s treatment for all hair related issues. The store at Palais Renaissance is the only one in Singapore and is fronted by their trichologist, Leonica. Leonica Kei is a fully qualified trichologist, a graduate and a member of the Institute of Trichologist in London. She has participated in hair loss forums on television. She is also a regular contributor to hair loss, scalp disorders and hair care matters in magazines and newspaper.

Trichologist, Leonica, giving us a tour of the salon

Philip Kingsley uses hair products manufactured in the UK and is based on trichological remedies.  They were established in London, with over 40 years of history treating hair health in the most customised approach. What I liked about them is that all new customers will have a consultation with the trichologist in order to get a personalised treatment. This is important because every individual is different and you definitely need some form of consultation and process to keep track of your progress.


Similar to the new hair treatment centres, Philip Kingsley is salon-based and it is quite a cosy corner where busy clients can relax and even request for additional service such as pedicures (at an additional cost).

I was given the general treatment and two of the attendants separated my hair and applied a cream which was supposed to help cleanse the scalp and invigorate the blood circulation through the mint inside. After the cream was applied directly onto the scalp, they sprayed another type of solution onto the hair and it is supposed to help with the elasticity of the hair strands.

I was pleasantly surprised that one of the attendants actually knew what HairMax is! I’ve mentioned this many times to a lot of other salons but none of them did not seem to have heard of it or of cold laser helping with hair loss.

Next, it was steaming my whole head. I do notice a pattern here. Most hair treatments I get seem to make me feel like a steamed chicken and I bet that there’ll be some roasting going on later.

After steaming, it was onto the wash area to rinse off the products and next was…see…roasting. Ok, it’s not a roasting per se but it’s infra-red lamps that help to kill off any bacteria and it’s also supposed to help with the blood circulation to the scalp.

After the infra red session was the blow dry and I had the best blow dry ever! She seemed to know exactly why my hairdresser gave me a fringe and how to blow it such that it covers all my thinning areas.

The whole process seemed quite usual but the more important matter should be the products’ efficacy. I liked that when the products were applied, there wasn’t any strong smells but oddly, after the blow dry, my hair smelt as if I just coloured by hair. You know what I mean? That very strong chemical smell. Furthermore, my hair did not feel soft but a bit stiff and towards the end of the day, I could feel a bit of tangles starting to happen plus my scalp was slightly itchy. Nevertheless, my scalp was slightly less oily the next day, so I think the cream did do its job in eliminating the oil.

Would I go back to Philip Kingsley again for more treatments? Perhaps not. Especially when I do know better and slightly less expensive alternative solutions.

Philip Kingsley
390 Orchard Road
#03-08/09 Palais Renaissance

Tel no: +65 6834 0988

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