My Dog’s (dis)Heartening Scare

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My Dog’s (dis)Heartening Scare
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That’s my 13 year-old pooch, who recently was diagnosed with a heart condition where his heart is enlarged and thus, the valves can’t close with each pump. This causes a lot of back flow of blood in the chambers which then causes fluid build up in his lungs and stomach. When we brought him to see the vet in September, he had to be kept overnight to pump out 1.2L of fluids and then placed on heart medication as well as a diuretic solution to help him pass out extra fluid. However, this diuretic is not good for his kidneys.

Last Fri, while I was in a meeting, my dad suddenly messaging me that my dog was “choking” and “shouting” after eating his meal. His stomach had suddenly bloated to twice its size and looked as distended as it was when I had first sent him to the vet’s. I immediately knew that it was his heart giving problems again. Baileys wasn’t choking. He was coughing and trying to cough out fluids from his lungs. He was whining and barking because he was in pain and didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully, I was in a meeting with Su Lee and when I talked to her about how Baileys had a relapse of the fluid build up because the diuretics had finished, she immediately thought about the Native Legend Tea. It’s a herbal tea with roots tracing back to the Native Americans who made this healing tea as a cleanser/preventive medicine. It is a natural diuretic too. So, I thought “Why not try this on Baileys as a quick measure? If he really does not get any better the next day, then it’s to the vet’s.”



I had to force feed Baileys 1.5 cups of the tea through a syringe and I did this over the whole evening. Interestingly enough, after the first hour, he started coughing out a lot of phlegm. I saw this as a good sign because he was actually coughing out fluids that could have accumulated in his lungs. As the evening progressed, so did the amount of phlegm coughed out. At about 1am, Baileys not only coughed out phlegm, he was finally thirsty enough to want to drink more water/tea.

The following morning, Baileys’ stomach had dramatically reduced in size. Best part: he was finally eating! He finished the dinner that he refused the night before and was hungry for more. In the afternoon, that’s when he started to really pee a lot and it really helped to flush out more fluids from his abdomen.

I’m thankful that Baileys is almost back to normal. His heart condition will always be there till its time for him to go but in the meanwhile, at least he will not suffer. Grateful that the Native Legend Tea worked! It’s definitely a cheaper alternative than going to the vet’s and better for his kidneys too. Nonetheless, I recommend that you still ask your vet whether they think it’s a good idea for you to feed your pet this. Don’t forget…I did it because my dog had a condition and it was urgent.

Regardless, this was obviously meant for humans to begin with and it’s recommended for us to drink 1 sachet a day at the most. To find out more and to purchase, feel free to visit here.


Photo credit: The Wellness Insider

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