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It has been about 2 weeks into the programme and I’m quite surprised at the results! I’ve dropped 0.7kg from the previous week and there are differences in measurements too!

The weight and measurements

Let’s put the images side by side:

metabolic tune up programme health programme
Neck: 14.3″
Waist: 35.8″
Hips: 40″
Neck: 14″
Waist: 35.6″
Hips: 40″

The differences are very subtle as you can see from the actual measurements but friends could see that I had lost weight. I think it’s mainly because I did not have such significant loose fats under the chin.

In terms of exercise, I could feel that I was getting stronger thanks to the thousand burpees done during Self-Defence classes as well as during the Fitness Boot Camp with Joel. My core still sucks though…despite the crunches and planking that Joel has incorporated into my customised exercised regime.

I’m definitely getting into the groove of things and I am surprisingly thankful for the lean complete because, with the 4-4-12 eating schedule, I can slurp ‘lunch’ in between classes at 3.30pm and go home to have dinner with the parents at 7.30pm.

Day 9 dinner – Kungpao chicken with carrots and cucumber, steamed egg with minced pork and portion of red rice.

I had stopped taking photos of my food after the first week because it was a lot of repeats since I’m still on the shakes. Thus, I merely typed out what I consumed. However, there were days when I ate out that I would take photos because I wanted to prove that even when eating healthy, there are options outside.

Su Lee shared that she often brings out a portion of complex carbs because that’s the part that is often difficult to find. That’s true because not every restaurant or stall will have brown rice or quinoa. I haven’t found myself doing that and lazy me already find myself carrying too many things in my bag (water bottle, shaker bottle, the packets of powders).

The blood test results

My blood test results are out and I am happy to announce that according to my blood work, I’m in the pink of health! My LDL is a bit high but when Su Lee read my report, she was telling me that it’s not that high to the point where I need to be really worried and that’s where the exercise, diet and Bioslife Slim will help.

 Key Indicators  Healthy Range   Start
 Total Cholesterol  100-199 mg/dL  189 mg/dL
 HDL (the good cholesterol)  >39 mg/dL  46 mg/dL
 LDL (the bad cholesterol)  0-99 mg/dL  115 mg/dL
 Triglycerides  0-149 mg/dL  140 mg/dL
 Fasting glucose  65-110 mg/dL  88 mg/dL
 HbA1c  4.8-5.6%  5.4%

HbA1c is an indicator for diabetics and anyone who falls within the range of 5.6-6.4%, it means that he/she is pre-diabetic and anything above 6.4% is diabetic.

The problems

I reckon that the increase in fibre and soy protein have been wreaking havoc to my intestines thanks to my endometriosis. Too much soy for me means too much phytoestrogen and that causes fat storage as well as the thickening of the uterine lining, which in turn makes the endometriosis worse.

Besides the flatulence that I’ve mentioned in my previous post, this was accompanied by severe cramps. On one of the really bad days, the cramps lasted from 4 pm all the way till 10pm. I also realised that if I did not take the Bioslife Slim twice a day, the bloating and flatulence reduced significantly along with the cramps.

Bioslife Slim works by adding fibre into your stomach before you eat your main meals, thus stopping the cravings which in turn results in you eating the right amount rather than gorging yourself. Moreover, the added fibre absorbs fats and thus, less fats are digested and this allows a more steady amount of insulin to enter and leave your bloodstream and encourages a ‘fat burning zone’ in between meals.

However, my friend told me that Bioslife Slim acts as a metabolism pusher as well and as a result, his friend had issues with Bioslife Slim as she has a pre-existing thyroid problem. That is why, if you do have an existing medical condition, please consult your doctor before embarking on any health programme.

After talking to Su Lee about my observation, she suggested that I take half a packet instead of the whole packet twice a day so as to reduce the bloat but there will still be sufficient Bioslife Slim inside my tummy for the fibre to do its job. We’ll see how this goes.

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