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It’s almost as if time did a whoosh on me. It’s so fast…it’s sunday…monday already! Oh my gosh…where did all the time go to? Today was quite an eventful day at Sing’s new digs. We helped her unpack her mountains of stuff. I’ve never seen that much things in my life before. Sing has loads of soft toys, photo frames, ornaments and jewellery. Wow…it was like sifting through a treasure trove when we were helping to sort through their jewellery. We managed to find lots of stuff to sell at the numerous bazaars lined up too. And now my room resembles jewellery central. I’ve got gizillions of beads, hooks, wire and what-nots. Now it’s MY turn to clear my room up…haha… Oh good news is that my ISM proposal has been approved by my supervisor…but the dreading thought is that she’ll be very strict with me now. There goes my chance of getting an A.

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