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The Da Vinci Code –
Dan Brown is amazing at weaving fact and lots of fiction together. I must say that the movie was thrilling and exciting. To those who wish to ban the movie…PUHLEESE…it’s just entertainment. To those whose faith is so easily shaken by ONE book, you seriously need to consider whether you had faith to begin with. To those who are non Christians and believe the book wholesale, you’re idiots. You’re probably one of those who also believe everything you read in the newspapers. Gosh…people, please USE YOUR BRAINS! If the book piques your interest as to whether the Opus Dei/ Priory of Sion etc are real, there’s something called RESEARCH. There’s the internet, which is a wealth of information, there’s also the public library. Why do you think the government gives free library membership for? Only for you to read fictional novels like ‘The Da Vinci Code’? Why do you think we’ve got a national RESEARCH library that is conveniently situated next to Bugis junction? People, be smarter and start questioning what is fact and fiction. Don’t believe everything you read. I’m so thankful for my university training, which has taught me to be a more discerning reader. And I seriously feel that the Catholic Church shouldn’t be attempting to ban the movie…if it’s the opinion that it will cause people to lose faith, I say that these people have already been lost to begin with. *Sigh*

Ok…back to a topic that’s more fun! Went KTV with STW (Singapore in Today’s World…haha…) at the $10 Karaoke lounge located in Chinatown on Smith Street. Plus points are that it’s only $10 for 5 hours (2-7pm) with free flow of drinks and a bowl of rather hmmm sharksfin soup. In addition, the place is non-smoking in the rooms, so I didn’t feel like my lungs were congested. They’ve got smoking rooms I think. The sound system was quite good. BMB (that’s the brand of mics and speakers). The aircon wasn’t freezing and the remote control was in the room, so we could adjust it to suit our liking. Minus points are that the selection of Japanese songs were pukable and a lot of the videos were of questionable origin (p….i…..r…a….t…e…..d). The computer system sorta confused me at the beginning and the staff wasn’t kind enough to explain how it worked right at the beginning. They only allow members or SAFRA members…which is a shame for people like me who don’t KTV that often. They really need to improve on the sharksfin soup…haha. However, overall, I guess it has an edge over Cash Studios because of what they offer for that price. Cash Studio’s price is reasonable but they only entitle you to one drink but CS has a wonderful selection of Japanese songs.

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