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Here’s my annual Christmas wishlist!! Oh…before I start with it, let me state my Christmas NOT list.

NOTtie list (ie. stuff that I don’t want/ need):
1. Body Lotion (have enough to last me till end Dec 09)
2. Shower foam/ gel (ditto no.1)
3. Photoframes (with or without pictures that we took together…I’ve no space for them!!)
4. Fragrances (except perhaps DKNY’s Delicious – the green one)
5. Jewellery (except maybe earrings..hee)
6. Food (I’m on a diet. Exception is Sing since she prompted me early and she’s special…hee hee)
7. Soft toys/ stuffed animals (I really have NO space for anymore and am tempted to give away some but all of them have sentimental value)
8. Hair clips/ bands
9. Phone straps/ Keychains
10. Mugs

Wishlist (ie. stuff that I want/ need):
1. My websites to be up (Kewei & Jib – pls refer to my earlier sms and yes Jib, I do hope Santa comes early :] )
2. A guitar pick – someone has choped this item!
3. “Affluenza” by Oliver James (I’ve got tons of books but I still love them)
4. Guitar lessons!!
5. Booties for Baileys – he’s a medium sized English cocker spaniel who weighs 13 kgs
6. Sponsorship (partial is good enough) for my Forex course (estimated cost is $1k for 8 lessons before haggling…yes, I shall haggle)
7. Subscription to Harper’s Bazaar Singapore
8. Eyeliner from Make Up Store (any colour except Gun metal, which I already have)
9. A hands-free phone for fixed line (only Challenger sells it, I think…@ $12.90??)
10. Vouchers for anything (mani/ pedi/ clothes/ shoes/ books/ cds etc…always welcomed!!)
11. A foot massage/ reflexology!!
12. Kinohimitsu feet pads (very good @ detoxing)
13. Tix to Ting Ting’s concert…let’s go together and party!!
14. A bracelet watch to replace my broken one (check out Marc Jacob’s bracelet watches!)

Btw, if you want to get anything from La Senza as a gift, I’m a VIP card member and I’ve got vouchers. Do let me know and I can lend you said card and vouchers 😉

Of course, I’m happy to receive anything out of my wishlist! Just thought that having a wishlist is easier for you, my darling friends. Better than having to rack your brains, ya?

I will not be having my annual Christmas party at my place because I want a quieter Christmas @ home with my family. That being said, I am looking forward to the costume party + booze fest @ Sing & Chow’s new abode! I’m also looking forward to Clem’s housewarming party once his & Jo’s place is up. Congrats to the 2 of them as well! Yet another one bites the dust! Ok…where’s my guy lurking around??

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