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Went to Dior’s Iconic Rinsable Mascara Party last night at Paragon, Orchard. Was an hour late so I missed the whole presentation by the Dior make up artists on how to best to use make up to structure your face and the properties of the new Iconic Rinsable Mascara.

All I know is this – its rinsable (no need for special eye make up remover), not water resistant and instant curling up to 38 deg C.

I went to the event without wearing mascara. Felt a little weird at first because I love mascara and its my fave part of my make up regime. But good choice because I asked them to put the mascara on for me and it was quite wonderful! The mirror was about 1m away from me but I could actually see my lashes curl up! The volume was also very noticeable. This stranger was standing next to me when I had my lashes done and she jumped into the make up chair immediately after I was done. Quite impressed with the mascara!! Tried taking a before and after mascara shot but the pictures all turned out blur (shaky hands?) so…you just have to take my word for it 😛

I already have the Iconic mascara in Navy Blue (looks almost black in real life) and I learnt last night that for the curling effect to really show up, do not use a zig zag motion with the mascara wand. Instead, twist the wand while pulling upwards. I believe this only works for the Dior Iconic mascara though. Will try it one day! 🙂

Goodie bag contained eye cream samples and a J’adore perfume sample. Although they said that its all eye creams, there was one tube where the instructions were all in Japanese. Read it and it didn’t say anything about it being an eye cream. Rather, it seemed like general instructions for a moisturiser. Hmmmm…..I think I’ll use it in the UK where the air is drier. Will try to do a review after too!

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