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Hi everyone!

I think this idea is way cool and I’m helping my bro’s friend spread the word. She has decided to run a triathlon to raise funds for Children in Crisis. It would be fantastic if you would like to donate and sponsor her via her Just Giving page. (Note: pls click on “children in crisis” and “just giving page” to go to the websites)

In an attempt to drum up more sponsorship (and as thanks to those who’ve sponsored her and generally as an excuse to have a picnic on the front lawn), she’s having a Give-Me-Your-Money party on 11 July Saturday (4pm till late) in her garden.

I find her charity of cause really helpful because they focus on children in need and they use the money to bring education to these children. Education really is key in helping these children in getting a better stronghold in life.

As such, I will be selling my jewellery at her party too (this is in London – would love to invite anyone going to London during this period to join this party) and 10% of all sales (not profits) will be donated to her cause. In addition, I have also decided that 10% of ALL Oct 1983 sales from now (be it during her party or online) till end August will be donated to Children in Crisis.

Please help us help these children!

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