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Narciso Rodriguez Fragrance launched their latest “Essence” perfume yesterday, in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. As I mentioned 2 weeks back, I was invited down for their launch party, which was held at 7atenine restaurant (near Harry’s @ Esplanade).

First impressions – like all Harper’s Bazaar events, the overall feel was classy and chic. Having the party at the semi-alfresco part of the bar/restaurant was a very smart idea. Not only the invited guests could listen to the whole little speech about the perfume and about the designer Narciso Rodriguez, those walking around were also treated to info about it. Two thumbs up for marketing!

The scent itself is rather floral with musk as its core tone followed by rose and another type of flower, which added a powdery scent to it. It is quite nice but reminded me of soap. In a good way of course. The bottle is classic glass with a mirror lining. Supposedly, Narciso Rodriguez himself insisted on this so that every woman who carries the bottle will carry “her own image”.

There was a TV showing Rodriguez’s past runway shows and I must say that I do like his dresses which are feminine, sexy but yet timeless. He doesn’t try to shock nor work with weird sihoulettes (although I do find Galliano and JPG or Gareth Pugh’s designs interesting). Classy. The whole image of Narciso Rodriguez be it his clothes or packaging of the perfume is just that – classy.

I brought Sing in as a guest for this event. I had champagne (more Veuve Clicquot!) while Sing chose the Lychee martini below.

I forgot to bring my digicam so you’ve got to put up with my pixelated pics from my phone (if you’ve got the Samsung 8 mega-pixel, cam…kindly shush). What I was unable to capture on my phone camera is the silver dust that they added into the martini. Very cool!!

They served canapes and there was this yummy mushroom on toast as well as asparagus with rolled wagyu. Unfortunately, both Sing and myself couldn’t taste the wagyu. Must try the food on their menu one day!

Didn’t take many pictures because I figured Sing wasn’t quite in the mood and we left the party early (Sing was there for barely half an hour) as we were going to meet Moon and her parents.

What are parties without goodie bags?? We had a sample set of ‘Essence’ shower gel and two small vials of perfume. There was a copy of the latest Harper’s Bazaar as well but I gave that to Moon since I already have a copy (courtesy of last Wed’s Absolut party). I love freebies and am always appreciative of them since it means that I need to spend less money on shower gels or perfumes. So Sing: appreciative or not? 😛 She actually said that I “pulled” her along to the party -__-

When I told my bro that I was rushing off for this party and therefore couldn’t chat with him on msn, he commented “Wah…why so many parties? Are you turning into some socialite and going to be shown in Singapore’s Tatler or something?” I knew that was said in jest. Well, it really isn’t that difficult to get yourself invited to these parties my dear ladies. Just sign up for mailing lists, offers etc. This recession period also means that companies are getting more creative with their marketing strategies so you’ll see more instances of tryvertising (where you get free samples of their products) or launch parties like yesterday’s where the more ‘common’ folks get invited rather than the so-called high society.

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