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I have been ‘deprived’ of clubbing for the past 6 mths and so, I asked Mel Li & Jiak whether they wanted to go to Social House as 1. it is a new club 2. Sat nights are Ladies Night (FREE for me!!). Jiak was unwell so she didn’t join us but Mel Li’s friend C came along and brought her friends there too.

**Would love to upload a couple of pics BUT blogger is giving me crap right now and I can’t upload any pics. Nada. Nilch. The blardy button to upload pics is missing -__-; Will upload once blogger decides to function normally once more. ** Finally managed to upload the pics on Mon!

Anyhows, Social House. Hmms…they’ve got everything right: – very very goood R&B music (they even managed to mash in a little KPop in there), good size, quite a cute DJ, lotsa people in there BUT the mood was just wrong for some reason. I blame it on the ample tables and chairs. People were just sitting and drinking instead of heading to the dance floor to dance. Moreover, there were 2 poles in the middle of a raised platform (Sing…I immediately thought of you and missed you terribly cos I know you would’ve used one of them and heated the WHOLE club!!). That club seriously needs more dancey people to just fill the spaces and DANCE! Btw, the free-flow of drinks for ladies ends at 1 am so it is a good idea to use it as a first stop before club hopping. Warning: the drinks don’t pack a punch. I couldn’t taste the vodka in my vodka gingerale but the rum and coke’s decent.

I have been wanting to go to Butter Factory ever since they’ve moved to One Fullerton. Mel Li and C had horribly gone there without me last week! Ok…Mel Li DID call me last Sat night but I had sleep-talked/grunted. 😛 Butter was GOOD! The crowd was really in the mood and just like any club, one had to squeeze through etc. Nonetheless, my fave complaint about Butter’s DJs is that the music transition’s always a little weird. There were an unbelievable no. of couples there too…wouldn’t be surprised if you told me a baby was conceived that night. HAHAHA… =D We partied till it was 4am!!

I had lotsa fun and I swear that I’m never gonna wear high heels to club, ever again. My poor feet still hurt today.

Hmms…just received another event invite to Butter next week…should I go? Anybody wants to go? Too bad invite doesn’t mean waiver of Cover Charge. Oei…Mel!! Get your friend’s friend back to Singapore so that we can just stroll in!! LOL

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