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After receiving a gazillion similar questions on the Samantha Vega bags that I am selling, I have decided to dedicate a blog post to all these questions…so here goes:

1. Yes, they are authentic and that’s why I have placed the term “100% Authentic Samantha Vega Heart Quilted Bags” on my website.

2. They are NOT replicas and we can sell them cheaply because we buy them from the factory directly.

3. As they come from the factory, they are unable to give warranty cards.

4. Samantha Vega is the sister brand of Samantha Thavasa

5. The metal lock reads “Samantha Vega by Jessica” because Samantha Vega does collaboration with celebrities/ models for their bags (see above picture)

6. Yes, I do ship overseas and postage prices depends on where you live.

7. There isn’t a fool-proof way to determine its authenticity through labels etc. You have our (Oct 1983 and Japan Personal Shoppers) word that it is authentic as we get it from the factory direct.

8. Yes, I might be bringing in other bags and if you would like to be kept in the loop, please sign up on my mailing list by dropping me an email at melissa.fann@oopsiwannasay.com with the subject “Mailing List”.

In the meanwhile, I have 5 more baby pink ones left!! Went a bit kiasu and bought up the remaining baby pinks from the factory as they’re sooo adorable. Do let me know if you want one! I’m selling them at SGD 90 each, exclusive of postage. Discounts can be given if you’re purchasing all 5.

More stuff from Japan – Peach John lingerie pouch! This pouch is 20cm wide and it is quite huge. There are lots of smaller compartments inside to place your bras etc so that they don’t snag your clothes. You can, of course, use it to place other things inside since it is so roomy.

We have gotten our hands on FOUR PINK ones and we’re selling them at the mad price of SGD 10 each!!

Just drop me an email for any enquiries or to purchase the bags!

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