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Yesterday was my actual birthday and here are some pictures of the wonderful celebrations that day! It started off during lunch where my boss treated me to lunch at Kuriya @ Great World City. I thought it was on L2, which it used to be but they moved to the ground floor near the office block. We walked a few rounds before going to the correct one. How embarassing…even my boss went, “Eh…I’m treating you to lunch and you’re making me walk for like 20 mins before we find the place…not paiseh ah?” She was half joking and obviously exaggerating the 20 mins. 😛

Anyhows…here are some of the pics from our lunch (I forgot to take some of them but anyhows…I’m sure you’ve seen sushi and soup before):

Crab and grilled fish on a special leaf (can’t remember the name).

Broiled items: Hamachi with mushrooms, carrots and gingko

Dessert was seasonal fruit with coffee mousse cake and vanilla ice cream. Very yummy!

My colleagues were very nice to have also organised a mini birthday celebration for me in the office! One of them had insisted that I go back to the office at 2pm first before going to the photoshop to develop some photos needed.

Later that evening, I had a nice quiet dinner with my family at Mezza9…

Mm….spring rolls…gotta love the sauce but I put too much on mine and I tasted more sauce than spring roll. 😛

Yummy crab cakes to share…yay…real solid crab meat in them…mm…..

If you look to the left, can you see the tiny brand printed on the salt and pepper grinder/ shaker?

Click to expand.

Yah…never knew Peugot made these as well. Thought it was just cars…. hmm….

And for the main entrées…..

Gor and I had the mixed grill that has tenderloin, half a roasted chicken, lamb chops and sausages. Oh…let me tell you a roll-eyes moment with the waiter. We had a choice between pork or chicken sausages. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Oh, how many sausages are there?
Waiter: There are 2 m’am.
Me: Oh, can we have 1 pork and 1 chicken sausage then?
Waiter: Sorry m’am but the pork sausage is very large and so they slice it up while the chicken sausage is smaller so they can give you 2.
Me: *Rolls eyes and then looks at Gor* okkk…..

So we settled for the pork sausage in the end. Look at the pic. Do you see the pork sausage sliced??? It is STILL 2 sausages. -__-

Parents both ordered the tenderloin and they said that it was very good. Came with a side of grilled peppers and salad.

Mum left my cake at home so off we went for the cake cutting! 🙂 Yeah…2 cakes in a day…thank goodness I went to the gym on Monday.

My deliciously light but creamy cake from Gobi Desserts again! I’m seriously not advertising for them but their cakes are delicious! Better than Bakerz Inn by a hundred fold.

The 600g/ 700g cake comes in this adorable cake box that resembles a carousel.

Downside of this cute box is that it is darn difficult to put it back together once you’ve opened it.

Below: Baileys hoping for a bite as well!! Blurred photo courtesy of Gor *gives Gor “The Look”*.

A probable Part 6 to my celebration happened today because my workplace held a Deepavali Bazaar where 2 henna artists were hired to give us free henna art!

Nice, nice nice???? Hur hur hur….

Thus ends my Birthday celebrations! Wee~~~ I love birthdays!! 😉

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