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I’ve been so busy the past week because of an event that I didn’t have the time to blog or even translate! Completely brain dead from work that I haad to squeeze in 1 drama a day before I went to bed so that I could unwind.

Anyhows…the event took place on 3 Dec and it’s over!! I can now publicly say thank you to Ngee Ann Kongsi for pledging S$3 million to Duke-NUS for a scholarship programme (or program in American English). The event went on so smoothly that it was unbelievable! 😀 Great job everyone!!

I finally managed to drink my peppermint mocha from Starbucks!!! Yummy-licious!! This is not even a once-a-year special drink. It’s more like a biannual or triannual special drink!! I’m not a coffee drinker but I love this. I sprinkled some nutmeg and cinnamon on top of the whip cream and it tasted like Christmas in a cup. Heavenly….ahhh…..*happy sigh*

A shuttle service between SGH/ Duke-NUS to Central started on 1 Dec and when I popped over to Central for lunch one day…I was surprised to see an actual ice-skating rink in the middle of the shopping centre….

Amazingly small but the skaters made FULL use of the space and managed to do spins etc. The costumes were rather cabaret-ish but fun in that sort of cheesy sequinned way. Good on Central for having something rather different! 🙂

Since I was in Central, I popped over to the Yamakawa Super at B1 and purchased the Sports Drink Kit Kat as well as the Coconut Pocky.

The words on the Coconut Pocky read as “Special Summer Item”. But Summer in Japan is over. Does that mean we’re getting old stock? (O_o) I’m concerned….Nonetheless, I ate it and I love it!! The generous flakes of dessicated coconut on the chocolate sticks were very good. Coconut + chocolate = match made in heaven.

Sports drink Kit Kat was a little hmms. It tasted like the fruit & veg Kit Kat with salt. Haha…try to imagine that. I’m not buying that again. I’d rather spend my $4 on the Coconut Pocky.

Look at what I saw in Orchard Road: Big ass LV luggage outside Ngee Ann City!! Just my wonderful luck that all those who were posing in front of the luggage walked away when I snapped this shot. Well, you can still see the bag of a woman but at least she’s not IN the photo. 🙂

I’ve got loads more to update but I shall leave it to the next post! Adios!

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